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exception sleekxmpp.exceptions.XMPPError(condition='undefined-condition', text=None, etype='cancel', extension=None, extension_ns=None, extension_args=None, clear=True)[source]

A generic exception that may be raised while processing an XMPP stanza to indicate that an error response stanza should be sent.

The exception method for stanza objects extending RootStanza will create an error stanza and initialize any additional substanzas using the extension information included in the exception.

Meant for use in SleekXMPP plugins and applications using SleekXMPP.

Extension information can be included to add additional XML elements to the generated error stanza.

  • condition – The XMPP defined error condition. Defaults to 'undefined-condition'.
  • text – Human readable text describing the error.
  • etype – The XMPP error type, such as 'cancel' or 'modify'. Defaults to 'cancel'.
  • extension – Tag name of the extension’s XML content.
  • extension_ns – XML namespace of the extensions’ XML content.
  • extension_args – Content and attributes for the extension element. Same as the additional arguments to the Element constructor.
  • clear – Indicates if the stanza’s contents should be removed before replying with an error. Defaults to True.
exception sleekxmpp.exceptions.IqError(iq)[source]

An exception raised when an Iq stanza of type ‘error’ is received after making a blocking send call.

exception sleekxmpp.exceptions.IqTimeout(iq)[source]

An exception which indicates that an IQ request response has not been received within the alloted time window.

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