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Source code for sleekxmpp.xmlstream.handler.waiter

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Part of SleekXMPP: The Sleek XMPP Library

    :copyright: (c) 2011 Nathanael C. Fritz
    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details

import logging
    import queue
except ImportError:
    import Queue as queue

from sleekxmpp.xmlstream import StanzaBase
from sleekxmpp.xmlstream.handler.base import BaseHandler

log = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class Waiter(BaseHandler): """ The Waiter handler allows an event handler to block until a particular stanza has been received. The handler will either be given the matched stanza, or ``False`` if the waiter has timed out. :param string name: The name of the handler. :param matcher: A :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.matcher.base.MatcherBase` derived object for matching stanza objects. :param stream: The :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream.XMLStream` instance this handler should monitor. """ def __init__(self, name, matcher, stream=None): BaseHandler.__init__(self, name, matcher, stream=stream) self._payload = queue.Queue()
[docs] def prerun(self, payload): """Store the matched stanza when received during processing. :param payload: The matched :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.stanzabase.ElementBase` object. """ self._payload.put(payload)
[docs] def run(self, payload): """Do not process this handler during the main event loop.""" pass
[docs] def wait(self, timeout=None): """Block an event handler while waiting for a stanza to arrive. Be aware that this will impact performance if called from a non-threaded event handler. Will return either the received stanza, or ``False`` if the waiter timed out. :param int timeout: The number of seconds to wait for the stanza to arrive. Defaults to the the stream's :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream.XMLStream.response_timeout` value. """ if timeout is None: timeout = elapsed_time = 0 stanza = False while elapsed_time < timeout and not try: stanza = self._payload.get(True, 1) break except queue.Empty: elapsed_time += 1 if elapsed_time >= timeout: log.warning("Timed out waiting for %s", return stanza
[docs] def check_delete(self): """Always remove waiters after use.""" return True


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