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Source code for sleekxmpp.xmlstream.handler.base

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    Part of SleekXMPP: The Sleek XMPP Library

    :copyright: (c) 2011 Nathanael C. Fritz
    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details

import weakref

[docs]class BaseHandler(object): """ Base class for stream handlers. Stream handlers are matched with incoming stanzas so that the stanza may be processed in some way. Stanzas may be matched with multiple handlers. Handler execution may take place in two phases: during the incoming stream processing, and in the main event loop. The :meth:`prerun()` method is executed in the first case, and :meth:`run()` is called during the second. :param string name: The name of the handler. :param matcher: A :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.matcher.base.MatcherBase` derived object that will be used to determine if a stanza should be accepted by this handler. :param stream: The :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream.XMLStream` instance that the handle will respond to. """ def __init__(self, name, matcher, stream=None): #: The name of the handler = name #: The XML stream this handler is assigned to = None if stream is not None: = weakref.ref(stream) stream.register_handler(self) self._destroy = False self._payload = None self._matcher = matcher
[docs] def match(self, xml): """Compare a stanza or XML object with the handler's matcher. :param xml: An XML or :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.stanzabase.ElementBase` object """ return self._matcher.match(xml)
[docs] def prerun(self, payload): """Prepare the handler for execution while the XML stream is being processed. :param payload: A :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.stanzabase.ElementBase` object. """ self._payload = payload
[docs] def run(self, payload): """Execute the handler after XML stream processing and during the main event loop. :param payload: A :class:`~sleekxmpp.xmlstream.stanzabase.ElementBase` object. """ self._payload = payload
[docs] def check_delete(self): """Check if the handler should be removed from the list of stream handlers. """ return self._destroy # To comply with PEP8, method names now use underscores. # Deprecated method names are re-mapped for backwards compatibility.
BaseHandler.checkDelete = BaseHandler.check_delete


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