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Source code for sleekxmpp.xmlstream.filesocket

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

    This module is a shim for correcting deficiencies in the file
    socket implementation of Python2.6.

    Part of SleekXMPP: The Sleek XMPP Library

    :copyright: (c) 2011 Nathanael C. Fritz
    :license: MIT, see LICENSE for more details

from socket import _fileobject
import socket

[docs]class FileSocket(_fileobject): """Create a file object wrapper for a socket to work around issues present in Python 2.6 when using sockets as file objects. The parser for :class:`~xml.etree.cElementTree` requires a file, but we will be reading from the XMPP connection socket instead. """
[docs] def read(self, size=4096): """Read data from the socket as if it were a file.""" if self._sock is None: return None data = self._sock.recv(size) if data is not None: return data
[docs]class Socket26(socket._socketobject): """A custom socket implementation that uses our own FileSocket class to work around issues in Python 2.6 when using sockets as files. """
[docs] def makefile(self, mode='r', bufsize=-1): """makefile([mode[, bufsize]]) -> file object Return a regular file object corresponding to the socket. The mode and bufsize arguments are as for the built-in open() function.""" return FileSocket(self._sock, mode, bufsize)


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